Uncommon Sense Businessman In Prison

Uncommon Sense

We accept that “Common Sense” has become unpopular and is now extinct.

There is a new kid in town:

“Uncommon Sense” 

So let’s think, using some uncommon sense, about the unconscionable behaviour of concrete and bricks, otherwise known as businesses.

It is amazing, how many concrete and brick churches, banks and financial institutions, international car manufacturers, mining companies, and even charities, have made such horrible, unconscionable, and often premeditated errors against humans without having a brain and naturally a conscience, to supposedly bless themselves with!

Clearly no conscious or functioning human ever worked in these concrete and brick institutions when they were creating these unconscionable and often criminal pursuits. It was indisputable that this unconscionable behaviour was the fault of the concrete and bricks. Humans could never do this!

No point taking the concrete and the bricks to court for unconscionable conduct.  They are in every case, the foundations of the court itself.

Isn’t it remarkable how businesses these days seem to be able to operate independent of any human involvement or accountability? Surely humans would have intervened had they known that there was price fixing, financial deceptions, insolvent trading, endless lying, wilfully deceptive “no customer service” said to be “customer service”, false reporting, and all manner of fraudulent, unlawful and illicit practices, including “but wait there’s more”.

So the Government, regrettably one of the biggest concrete and brick businesses anywhere, decided that this level of unconscionable conduct by its fellow corrupt and now clearly discredited concrete and brick mates had to be regulated.

In Australia the Government then created the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as did other nations.

But ASIC is also apparently a concrete and bricks business, no humans. When ASIC fails to perform its lawful duties, the Courts (regrettably also made of concrete and bricks) do nothing. It was never the fault of any human, just ASIC.

Plainly the concrete and bricks “secret handshake” referred to as “mortar” protects all members and helps hold this unconscionable group together.

So how can some “uncommon sense” fix this?   It’s simple. 

If a bank breaks the law, don’t fine the bank.   This is a trickery.

Haven’t you worked out already that a bank does not have any money of its own, just “Other People’s Money”?   It is useless to fine banks or for that matter churches, financial institutions, international car manufactures, mining companies, and even charities.

Uncommon sense says:-  If we fine the people who are standing by and allowing the concrete and bricks to behave so baldly, TISI is confident that the unconscionable conduct of these concrete and bricks will stop.

Uncommon sense also says:- We already know this works.  When we fine or send an individual to prison when they break the law, most often it works as a deterrent.

So it is reasonable to conclude, the Board and CEO of a Bank are human beings (there is strong argument to say otherwise but you can usually see them as humans on TV), as is the Board and or the head of a church, a financial institution, an international car manufacture, a mining company, and even a charity, then clearly do what we do to other human who behave badly.  Send them to prison like all other humans.

The uncommon sense lesson is therefore to make these previously not responsible humans, accountable for the acts of unconscionable conduct of their concrete and bricks.

Humans clearly have been hamstrung in their absolute desperate desire to make their unlawful concrete and bricks behave according to the laws of the land.

TISI is absolutely confident that given this amazing new power, the humans who have in the past been innocently dragged into the crimes of their concrete and brick businesses, will make immediate changes and ensure that this abhorrent and unconscionable behaviour by their concrete and bricks ceases forthwith.

Uncommon sense says: “It worth a try don’t you think?”

For the millions of people who have been improperly restrained and who are desperate to tell their concrete and bricks exactly what to do with their unconscionable conduct:

Our 12 Immutable Laws of “HUMAN” Relationship Based Selling (which forms our Code of Conduct) will be of immeasurable help. No point discussing this with the concrete and the bricks, they won’t understand.