Our philosophy

The International Sales Institute (TISI) is dedicated to the business communication process referred to as the 12 Immutable Pillars of Relationship Based Selling. This process respects and supports without exception, the fundamental principle that the relationship is always more important than the sale. We appreciate that the success of any business activity, whether it be for profit or not for profit, is based on people making a difference to people, and therefore achieving synergy by exceeding their collective expectations.


A primary competency in the business world of today, is the capability to effectively, professionally and ethically, communicate your business message and offer, to all those with whom you do business, and on whose trust and relationship you rely.

This is frequently referred to as the “sales &/or marketing” competency of the business, however, it needs to be better understood and be seen as a partnership between the seller and buyer and not as a combative and adversarial battle zone where the large print “giveth” and the small print “taketh” away.

The prime objective of TISI is to provide all those who partake in the sales function with a full and expansive understanding and appreciation of how the sales function supports the marketing function of any business, while maintaining the core values contained within the document titled “12 Immutable Pillars of Relationship Based Selling”. This document exemplifies the “Code Of Conduct” upon which all TISI members will be accredited to practice their profession and on which they will be assessed.

TISI is committed to supporting its members with the knowledge, learning and culture required to sustain their professionalism in achieving the best outcomes for their respective business activities. This commitment will be achieved by constantly educating and enlightening TISI’s members in how the business world is evolving in the 21st century and what fresh and innovative competencies will be required to meet this global client and customer evolution.