Monthly Inspiration

Our Monthly Inspiration is emailed to all members on the first working day of each month.  It’s our way of inspiring our members to commence a successful working month.

Information provided in the Monthly Inspiration is designed to incite members to further develop their understanding of all issues related to successful selling.  Our inspirations will connect our members and guests back into our extensive library of documents, white papers, articles etc for a richer understanding of how the psychology of selling works – it’s really all about understanding ourselves, and caring for others.

In order to support our friends and colleagues, there will be a “send to a friend” link on the bottom of each inspiration to facilitate sharing it with a friend – or – if you’d like to share with many friends (which we highly encourage), then use your email program’s forward function.

We encourage you to send your Monthly Inspirations far and wide to demonstrate to your friends, colleagues, customers and clients that you truly care about them.