“I have had the amazing pleasure of reading and studying the TISI Sales Management Career Information Book, which was provided to me with my TISI membership and I can say without any hesitation that after successfully selling and then managing a sales team over the last 30 years, that this TISI “SMC Bible” – yes, I call it a bible – is a MUST read for all those who want to reach the highest of highs in the sales management profession.”

Alan, International Real Estate, South Africa.

“When I was asked to give my opinion of TISI Sales and Sales Management Books I thought I would just quickly speed read them. However, from the onset it became clear that these books were by far the most useful I have ever read throughout my professional sales and business career. Amazingly these books are a first on the subject of Sales and Sales Management Careers and the information contained in them is of the highest quality. Wonderful work and a truly invaluable gift to every TISI member.”

Graeme H, Financial Services, Melbourne Australia.

“From what I know after over thirty (30) years in the sales business and having personally attended hundreds of sales training and motivational seminars, the International Sales Institute library provides me with a wealth of information and relevant articles to keep me constantly motivated in my business sales role. As my clients are mostly small business operators (SME’s), I have recommended that they all join TISI, as the more my clients succeed, the better my relationship with them will be. I am presently reading TISI sales career book and from what I have so far, I am amazed how helpful it could have been to me had I had it during the last five years of my career. I would have better coped with the massive changes within my industry, still, better late than never!”

Quang H. Business Sales Consultant, Printing Industry, HK.

“The International Sales Institute’s sales career book is a “first” of its kind in providing a comprehensive overview of what it takes to be a sales professional and how to proactively improve your sales activities. As I am planning to move into sales management soon, I have upgraded my membership and I have just received TISI sales management career book. As a result of what I have now read about sales management, I have been able to plan out the contents of my next twelve months of sales meetings, when I get the job. Wish me luck; I also intend to use some of the material I have read in the book. Thanks TISI – and – all this is just $99, WOW, what a great deal.”

Rachael G. Territory Sales Representative, Office Equipment. Auckland NZ.

“When I read the table of contents and noted that these totally comprehensive sales and sales management career books were available as a FREE offer to all new members I joined immediately. I have now read both the books and even though I have known about many of the subjects contained in them, it was a refreshing change to have them connected to the 12 Immutable Pillars of Relationship Based Selling. I have since purchased a hard copy of the sales management book from TISI website, so that I can have it with me throughout my day. I prefer the hard copy to carry with me as a reference book as I regularly refer to it. Perhaps I am just a bit old fashioned!”.

Steve P. Area Sales Manager, Building & Construction, North Island, NZ.

“I have had the wonderful pleasure to read through TISI sales management career book, as I just received it as a result of joining TISI as a sales management member. This management career book is so instructive that I have just enrolled my full sales team as members of the TISI. Congratulations to all those at the International Sales Institute for taking a greatly needed professional position on the importance and professionalism of the occupation known as sales. Finally we have a professional institute representing all sales people globally, which has taken the appropriate steps to certify the sales career and to distance the true sales professional from all those charlatans who just want to make a “quick buck” with no regard for interpersonal relationships. As TISI says on its website: “The relationship is always more important than the sale”. I have never before had it put this way, but TISI is absolutely accurate about this.”

Alan Y. Entrepreneur and Commercial Property Consultant. Singapore & Malaysia

“I am sick of the traditional sales training courses which I have found mostly don’t work because they never related to what I was selling and my customers are well informed – they are not fools. So when I joined The International Sales Institute (TISI), it was my final effort to find out a “better and more relevant way” to relate to the customers in my market. To my surprise the “12 Immutable Pillars of Relationship Based Selling” was just what I was looking for and it is what my customers I am sure will be delighted with. I knew that all the previous “wiz bang and cunning sales strategies” I had been taught did not work. But what else was there? Thank god and common sense, that I now have a credible relationship based selling system to help me succeed.”

Bianca F. Financial Services Industry, Australia.

“Having attended hundreds of sales training and motivational seminars throughout my sales career, I found them all, most entertaining. Other than that I always found the lift I got from attending these programs short lived and I was always left needing something more relevant. When I joined The International Sales Institute, I did so because I am proud to be called a sales person and I felt it was a good thing to belong to a professional institute. I am very excited about the articles I have read in TISI library, especially the ones on motivation and EQ, and I am really looking forward to my first “Monthly Inspiration”. Thanks TISI for helping me to stay on track, between the motivational programs I seem addicted to. I am also thinking about applying for a sales management position in my company and so I think I will upgrade my membership to sales management to find out all about the sales management career. I might find out that sales management is not for me, and it will be a few dollars well spent!”

Michael A. Office Equipment Sales, Brisbane Australia.

“To all those ill-informed people who think you just have to have “the gift of the gab” to be successful in sales, go and read TISI’s Sales Career Information book. You will find out what it actually takes to be a professional in this critical business skill called selling. Thanks TISI for telling the world about the professional competencies required to be a sales professional. Furthermore before you go and promote your best salesperson into sales management, go and read TISI Sales Management Career Information book. You may just change your mind, or better still, know what you have to do to turn your best salesperson into a legendary sales manager. I wish I had read these most insightful books before I made my decision to promote the wrong person into sales management. I know what to do next time.”

Keith B. Small Business Owner. IT Industry, London UK.

“I was gifted a membership of TISI and so I reluctantly went to the website and activated my membership to join. After all, what does a Chartered Accountant need to know about sales? To my surprise I needed all of the information contained on TISI website and, more importantly, so did all my clients. I have since gifted all our clients a membership of TISI. So now when our clients get told that they need to improve their sales results, we refer them to the TISI website and I have been highly impressed with the results our clients are getting. It has become obvious to me and the other members of our team that most of our clients never knew where to go to get any information about their urgent and unique sales and sales management needs. I am very proud to be a member of The International Sales Institute and I recommend TISI to ALL small to medium enterprise businesses, right around the globe.”

Lindsay B. Chartered Accountant, Melbourne Australia.