Mind Your Own Business

Respectfully and peacefully why don’t you just: Mind Your Own Business. 

The International Sales Institute and all its members are agonizingly saddened by the mass murder of 49 wonderful people by a bigoted and hate filled person who clearly believed that he had the right to impose his personal beliefs on all those who recently gathered to enjoy an evening’s fun and entertainment at a Florida night club.

This crime of mass murder was not just against the homosexual, lesbian or transgender community. This outrageous act of murder was committed by a hateful and murderous bigot who irrefutably wanted to cast judgement on anyone. There is little doubt that some who attended that night club may not have been a member of any group known for their particular sexual orientation. Some were most likely just friends or acquaintances of someone who decided to enter that venue on that now fateful evening. It has been reported that the bigoted murderer himself had previously attended that night club where his outrageous and murderous rampage eventually took place.

It matters none whether it was an act of vengeance against a group of likeminded people who went to that night club that evening. To attribute the murder’s actions against any group of like-minded people whether they be gay, lesbian or transgender people or not is to totally miss the “cause” of the murderer’s unfathomable behaviour and to regretfully continue to wrongly direct ourselves at the “symptom” of this atrocious and murderous behaviour, than to its “cause”.

The cause of these abominable crimes against humanity comes from any person’s desire to impose their will on others (he said, looking squarely at Donald Trump). From what you appear to profess Mr Trump, you too regrettably want to impose your bigoted views against those of a different view. The time has now surely arrived for everyone to stop casting bigoted judgement against all our global citizens no matter what their views are or how different they may be to ours. It is the right of all those making up the rich tapestry of humanity to allow all those of different views to live together in peace. To do otherwise is to foster judgemental and bigoted behaviour.

Mr Trump, it may be satisfying for the International Sales Institute to feel virtuous in proclaiming the words “you’re fired” towards you, because we are upset by your opinions. However, to do so would be contrary to our core principle that we should all just mind our own business and eliminate any bigoted opinionated behaviour. Mr Trump the time has come for all of us to embrace the most bigoted in our society into our global community, in order to proactively validate how serene it can be when we all respect the views of our fellow global citizens while continuing minding our own business.

We must as a global community start to tackle the “cause” of this abhorrent behaviour or else these senseless acts will continue. If we also then consume ourselves with opinionated hate against those who think differently to those seeking peace, we become an inescapable part of the problem and regrettably not part of the solution. The issue is not whether a bigoted moron can procure an automatic rapid fire rifle-or not. The critical issue is that no one should feel the need to procure any firearm in order to kill another person. It is man’s inhumanity to another man that is the “cause” of the problem.

What about the religious bigots, the political bigoted activists, and even the highly opinionated football fans who turn into hooligans to name just a few. Why do they need to impose their particular faith and passion on anyone who does not see the world through their eyes? Yes everyone has the right to their own beliefs. Often these beliefs are private matters and unless you are asked for your views just mind your own business.

Regrettably it appears that many have an opinion on how everyone else should live their lives. Newspaper editorials continue to promote such unsolicited views, yet few ever seem to request anyone else’s opinion about their religious beliefs, their culture and associated ethnicity, their sexual orientation, or even the football team they support. Perhaps this out of control bigotry has its origin in the media or at the very least; the news media encourages such opinionated views.

Contrary to common belief, most advanced countries don’t have a multicultural society. They do all have a group of people known as citizens who geographically live together and who often have very different ways on how they live their lives. Australia is said to be one of these multicultural societies which continues to struggle with the peaceful coexistence of many of its people with varying beliefs and values. However Australia has the solution to its multicultural challenges if it can learn from a most advanced culture of people who apparently live there and have done so for over fifty million years. These advanced aboriginal people never chose to impose on others with whom they share their land, the need to adopt their aboriginal values and customs.

Regrettably and for some inexplicable reason however the new boys and girls in town, the foreigners, seem absolutely committed to have the far more advanced aboriginal folk adopt their western values and customs! Never has it been known or established that any aboriginal person has imposed their culture and values on these new upstarts from the west. Why couldn’t the new boys and girls, from allegedly more advanced cultures mind their own business, like the aboriginal people do? Unfortunately the westerners believed that they had a more advanced life style which the aboriginal must follow. Yet there are no known accounts of any aboriginal folk begging for the westerners’ way of life.

If you are one of those highly opinionated and bigoted people who finds it absolutely vital that you stand in judgement of how others live their lives then know that, it is eminently reasonable that others will conversely, have the right to be judgemental of your values and how you live your life.

So for God’s sake and for everyone else’s sake why don’t we all just stop minding everyone else’s business and start minding our own.

The greatest contribution we make to each other is our diversity in behaviour and belief. Over the years much has been gained from observing how others behave. Personal loyalty, love, kindness, encouragement, optimism, freedom of expression, altruism and even the need for rules which prevent converging views leading to conflict, have all been learnt and developed by observing others who seemed to have got it right. Yet respecting the views of others and demonstrating non-judgement on those whose views are different to ours has evaded many. The governments, in which many of us have vested the task of peacefully creating a place for all, have regrettably also decided to become bigoted and opinionated.

If there are people regardless of their sexes who wish to marry, let them do so as it is their individual right as a human to make these choices. It is religion and or the present law which stands in opposition to many of these individual rights and choices about whom to love and marry. It matters not a hoot what anyone else thinks about the decision made by the individuals concerned. It matters not what you think about the decisions of others. It is none of your business nor has anyone asked for your opinion.