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Chris Koch Founder, TISI

About Us

TISI exists to be of service to all those involved in the sales industry. Whether you are in face-to-face sales, sales management, interpersonal selling, business development, key account management or customer service, this is the place to come in order to learn and interact with other sales people and to find information relating to the sales industry.

Our role is to encourage, connect, support, and provide information and education. We provide accreditation, to enable sales people to have pride in their industry and to give them a place to interact with each other.

We are not here to be in competition with anyone. We are here to assist with bench-marking and creating points of reference for all sales and sales management related business activities.

We believe great sales people spend time and resources educating themselves in order to excel in their chosen field. Gone are the days when sales people rely solely on an employer to provide education or courses for their sales people – it’s up to each of us, as individuals, to care enough about ourselves, to take up the reins of responsibility for our own learning, growth and evolution.

Our members come from all walks of life. What they share in common is that they consistently demonstrate a commitment to being excellent in their business relationships. They are committed to professionalism in the sales industry, and they genuinely care about their customers and clients.