Supportive Business Partners

This supportive business partners page is for links back to member organisations to promote interaction between members.  We also encourage members to provide great value offers to other members via this part of our site.  Should you have such an offer that you’d like to place below, email us on [email protected] so we can make arrangements to have your offer made available to your fellow members as quickly as possible.


We are new to the market, so our offerings will grow along with us.  Please give some though to what amazing offer you &/or your company can provide for your fellow members.  To fit within our philosophy and maintain our code of conduct we’d like you think a little differently and offer something extra special.  Keep in mind Rule No 5 – “Give me the best you’ve got” and also Rule No 10 – “Be creative/Inspire Me”.  We very much look forward to hearing from you to hear about how creative you can be.

Have a browse through the below member organisations.
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Lindsay Brown & Associates began life as a sole practitioner practice back in 1980. Since then, it has grown to a three director practice with eight staff.  We take our job seriously and take pride in what we do. We are continually striving for the best outcome for you and invest in ourselves to achieve this. We are constantly upgrading our skills and qualifications to ensure we are giving you the most up to date advice.

Member Contact:
Lindsay Brown +61 3 9595 6333


We are a Melbourne company producing Point of Sale materials for promotion of retail products.  We have 20+ years experience importing/exporting to Asia and dealing with the minute details and frustrations that so often occur – common mistakes like misprinting, misspelling, wrong colours and sizes, misinterpretation of common terms and phrases – we could go on.  Let us simplify the process for you and remove the headaches.  Let our personalised Point of Sale Corrugated Cardboard Display Stands add colour and life to your point of sale area, office or show room.

Member Contact:
Rob O’Donnell  +61 (0)407 375 097


At Live Out Loud our programs are designed to motivate, inspire & connect your students to something THEY feel strongly about, whilst helping them to build THEIR personal confidence and make a difference to the world around them.
After facilitating our programs in schools in both Australia & Singapore over the past 20 years it has been our overwhelming feedback that students tend to mostly drift through school lacking connection & motivation with little or no clear sense of purpose about their future.
Whilst obviously there are many passionate & dedicated teachers out there creating fabulous results in their classrooms & with their schools there are even more who often struggle with student engagement, motivation & confidence.

“The problems we have on the planet today will NEVER be solved by the people who created them” (Dr Buckminster Fuller)

We believe his meaning was that these current problems will only get solved by the young people of today with their creativity and courage to not accept things as they are and go out and make a difference.

Member Contact:
Steve Brunskill  +61 (0)418 326 573


Consulting Myotherapists Pty Ltd is a company dedicated to offering a standard of service that reflects value, combined with results, where the clients interests and needs come first.

Established over 28 years ago, Consulting Myotherapists and Colon Health has become an important part of the community.

The practice provides a team of Professional Myotherapists all of which are graduates of University degrees, with many years of experience in their profession.

The pro-active approach and genuine care of clients is the main driving force and your assurance of personalised attention.

Our services include Myotherapy a natural approach to the treatment & restoration of soft tissue pain & dysfunction, and Colon Irrigation a gentle flushing of waste and solids from the colon.

Member Contact:
Pam Gazzola  +61 (0)401 785 990

We’re technical salespeople and we offer Technology & Professional Service B2B organisations a Opportunity Research, Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing service.

Today more so than ever we need sales and none more so than organisations that sell software, technology or deliver professional services. If this is you, then maybe, you need us! Because if your problem is not winning enough new business maybe we can help?

We deliver something called Sales Outsourcing, in other words we provide an alternative to employing a sales person directly with all its inherent issues surrounding flexibility and cost. can either provide an ‘End to End’ solution from prospecting to sales closing or help with elements of the sales cycle for example lead generation or appointment setting. All this is within an agreed budget, against agreed targets delivered on a ‘pay as you need’ basis.

Member Contact:
David Doyle  T: +353 1 554 7351 or M: +353 86 251 3743


Our Mission is to deliver high-impact, practical and integrated training and coaching.  Our workshops help individuals connect the dots of what science is discovering about the nature of reality and give participants permission to apply the principles in their day to day lives.   All training is evidence-based, bringing together meta physics, positive psychology, quantum theory, emotional intelligence (EQ) and neuroscience.

Member Contact:
Georgia Ellis +61 (0)428 123 233