But wait …… there’s more!

There is only one hundred (100) cents in any dollar, but regrettably some people continue to believe in:

But wait …… there’s more …….”

The International Sales Institute (TISI) wants to dispel this farfetched “but wait there’s more” marketing myth and wishes to finally assure all buyers that commonsensically and perhaps regrettably, there isn’t any more than 100 cents in any purchasing dollar.

If you are told by an infomercial or telemarketer that if you buy one of their products that you will get another one free, they are knowingly deceptive.  In many countries gaining a financial advantage by deception is a crime punishable by a lengthy term of imprisonment often up to ten (10) years.  Continuing this deceptive behaviour is also considered in many countries, a continuing criminal enterprise, and the prison sentence can then be doubled.

If you partake in this act of marketing deception you may be supporting this type of deceptive and potentially criminal behaviour.  It’s called aiding and abetting.

So stop now!

When a telemarketer offers you “two for the price of one”, and unless you really need two of whatever is being offered, just thank them for their “50% off offer”, order and pay 50% for one item.  The law does not enable the seller to refuse your request.  You are agreeable to their generous 50% offer.

If you really want to get the telemarketer agitated, only ask for the free product.  They will quickly tell you that there isn’t “just a free product”, and then you will know that there’s really only 100 cents in any purchasing dollar.

People continue to believe that you can get a substantial discount and also receive: 100% of the service, 100% of the guarantee, 100% of the quality, 100% of the back-up, 100% of the communication, 100% of the product, 100% of the product’s reliability, 100% of the customer care, and most essentially 100% customer satisfaction.

Regrettably all you usually get is 100% frustration and disappointment, and like most “one night stands” which commence under delusional or alcohol induced insanity, it all ends in tears of sadness and deep regret.

Yet many buyers continue to purchase under this continuing delusion.  So who is the mad person here?  The definition of insanity is:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the result to be different, in the full knowledge that if you keep doing what you have already done and expect the result to be different you are insane.

So now there is a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious!) and, so, having realised that you may be insane, STOP!

Remember that there is only one hundred (100) cents on any dollar and that if you are buying a product which normally costs 100 cents for 50 cents, then there is an extreme probability that this product is 50 cents short of something.  It has been reduced by 50 cents somewhere.

The scary part is that you rarely know where the discount or reduction has been applied.

However not all buyers are completely insane.  They often purchase on price alone in the absence of everything else, and the seller who continually gets price based objections needs to realise that they may be under-representing to their buyers the 100% value and quality of their products and brands.

The International Sales Institute (TISI) is aware of a sign outside a barber shop which reads:

 Mens haircuts $30 (Yes!  We fix up $10 haircuts).

If a barber offers you a 50% discount, they are most likely short of work (there is usually a good reason for this) or worse still they are only going to cut every second hair on your head.

If you are a customer and you want to deal with sales professionals committed to 100% client contentment, the chance is they will be members of the International Sales Institute (TISI).

The Institute’s members all support our “code of conduct” which is based on the 12 Immutable Laws of Relationship Based Selling and is all about telling the truth and exceeding client expectations.

If you come across a seller who needs to know about our “code of conduct” please refer them to

It may also be helpful to always remember that high price is a proven indicator of quality, and if a product continues to be high priced and not supported with 100% client satisfaction, the chances are that this product will shortly be available on TV as an infomercial at 50% off. But wait there’s more misery and disappointment to come.  This product is likely to be available next week at 90% off from its business liquidator.

If you want your haircut done properly, get it done by the professional who will charge you $30, $40, or $50 dollars. Regardless of the amount you will always get what you paid for.    No more and no less.

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