A Piece of Peace

Much continues to occur around the growing public concerns associated to the untrustworthiness or deceit of the corporate world. Included in these concerns is the behaviour of many religions particularly related to their actions in shielding from prosecution, the abhorrent unlawful behaviour of clerics, both men and women.

Regrettably many have found that the legal systems are also a compliant party in this global corporate trickery, although the judiciary seem to have recently had a change in approach. Royal commissions are obviously very good for business, though risky. They may mistakenly uncover the truth, but true to form, the separation of justice from law will in most cases protect the guilty.

With the exposure of the deceptive actions of world governments by “WikiLeaks” and “Snowden” and the more recent revealing of illegitimate and unlawful actions by individuals related to their secretive financial dealing in the “Panama Papers”, people are becoming increasingly skeptical about what they have previously taken as “gospel” even questioning the gospels themselves!

Professor John Kay, in “The Truth about Markets”, 2003 said: “History will judge whether Greenspan was the man who made millions of Americans rich – or the man who could not bear to tell them they had only imagined it”
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 has cast its judgement on the “delusions” of Greenspan. Understandably people are disillusioned by deceitful governments and organisations that continue to falsely communicate limitless invented financial successes over reality and truth. The almighty dollar seems to constantly stand in the way of the truth, to the point where no one, other than those with no means at all, are prepared to live within their means. People with some financial means much prefer, as they have been programmed; to live in excess of their means and let their “means” eventually catch up to their living.

The insincere hard-headedness stated about our financial woes: “if not, our children will have to pay for it”, means nothing, as even our children will happily also resort to “if not the [our] children will have to pay for it.” Many bankers prior to the GFC expressed this matching sentiment by stating: “I’ll be gone and you’ll be gone”~ regrettably no banker ever prophesied: “I’ll be gone and you’ll be gone, to prison, or else the crisis may have been averted.
The “World Order” or more fittingly the “World Disorder” is under relentless scrutiny and the ever increasing information highway only adds to the awareness by the masses about the actual perilous state of the globe, at least economically if not climatically. The inescapable linking between economics (finance) and our climate is also now abundantly obvious. Frustration fed by plentiful information is leading the masses constantly closer to venting their anger towards all those who have, for many years, maintained their uprightness, deceitfully.

Banks, governments, businesses and religious orders are presently in the cross-hairs of the masses and rightly so. But the predicament faced by the masses when it comes to these banks, governments, businesses and religions remains: “What alternatives are there from which to select an auxiliary, credible and lawful life support system to continue product exchange and life as we know and like it?” When we find this auxiliary system what can we forecast?

Isaac Newton said:. “I can predict the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of crowds.”

Newton clearly knew much about crowds and about heavenly bodies. Much of what is known today about fraudulent and deceitful business practice has been known for some time, in many cases for hundreds of years. Yet many have turned an “unseeing eye” to these deceitful business practices, especially if it looked like their own financial positions could benefit or be at risk.  Humbert Wolfe, in “The Uncelestial City”, 1930 said: “In the City, they sell and buy. And nobody ever asks them why. But since it contents them to buy and sell. God forgive them, they might as well.”

The master minds of these financial deceptions have been so strategic in their activities that they have seamlessly included and embedded all of us into their rackets. For many to now find a way out seems too challenging and so they revert to more of the same, with the devil you know being better than the unknown alternative.

The International Sales Institute (TISI) believes that there is a known alternative. The 12 Immutable Laws of Relationship Based Selling as defined on the International Sales Institute’s website provides those who buy and sell, with a philosophy where the relationship is more important than the sale.

To believe that what is happening in the world today is an evolutionary process where war, greed and other plagues are accidental, is to further believe that as human beings we are void of self-determination and personal evolution. The animal kingdom has always adapted to global change which to the best of our determination was caused by cataclysmic events, volcanoes, floods and celestial interferences. There is no evidence that the animal kingdom willfully self-destructed by knowingly contributing to these calamitous events. Yet humans are meant to be much smarter than our animal friends. A stroll in your local park will dispel this myth when you see that the dogs have organized the humans to do the cleaning up!

The animal world has learnt to control their unruly. An rogue elephant is discarded from the heard, while weak animals are left to fend for themselves in order to get stronger, or perish. Yes humans are said to be altruistic, but as far it can be ascertained this does not mean, senseless and selfish as well. Altruism and selfish greed don’t appear to be a marriage made in heaven. Many humans give to a casino ceaselessly, unthinkingly and willingly, rather than demonstrating altruism unconditionally to all the needy around them.

M. Keynes, in “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”, 1936 said:
“When the capital development of a county becomes a by-product of a casino, the job is likely to be ill-done.”

There is abundant food in the world for all to eat, enough water for all to drink, and enough space in which all can live. It is not altruism but rampant selfish greed that prevents the world from living together harmoniously and unselfishly. The programmed desire of most, no matter how little they presently have, to eventually want a better, larger and more personally gratifying part of this planet has infiltrated the mind like a cancer requiring constant medication. The populist prescribed medication of financial hope and continuous greed is so addictive, it is impossible for many to go “cold turkey” until death do they part.

When you combine obliviousness and ignorance to what’s happening economically and climatically, with the greed of endless financial leverage, where it is acceptable to drive faster and faster for ever and ever – to insanely avoid an inevitable crash, you can only pray that you expire before the crash you are speedily chasing. For this reason alone having a religion can provide many with an insurance policy against their desired and impending “misfortune”. It is important to have faith in this outcome, but remember as with all insurance policies, when they find out you pre-planned or knew about the calamity, payment may be withheld.

Louis Brandeis in 1914 noted: “The goose that lays the golden eggs has been considered a most valuable possession. But even more profitable is the privilege of taking the golden eggs laid by somebody else’s goose. The investment bankers and their associates enjoy that privilege. They control the people through the people’s own money.”

But what if the people gifted their eggs to the investment bankers and their associates? Unquestionably no one is to blame, for what we are experiencing as we are all co-accused in this greed based offending. We all want to find an easy way to the “Holy Grail’ of limitless financial independence, as do all those who believe the bankers will and should share their treasures with them. No one person has the solution to this type of collective often senseless greed based offending, but clearly we all do. Uncommon sense though it may be, a little contribution from all of us 7 billion folk could prove priceless in making the world a better, less deceitful and immensely richer and freer place. The brilliance of airline travel and of telecommunication technology, allows many more of us to connect to each other and distance can no longer divide us. Yet new technologies minimising the need for face to face connectivity, only now further divides us. The world of global Ponzi financial business, otherwise known as banking and the collision between justice and law with legal procedural unfairness may only serve to remind those who already know, that something must be done to halt this self-destructing train crash, where people are just collateral damage. Some will show contempt and say the crash won’t happen or won’t be allowed to happen. However if something is not done to at least slow down this train in order to give us time to think about sustainable human relationships before the next stop, something catastrophic is liable to occur.
If anyone has the solution or where the next stop for this train is likely to be, please share it or start a new religion which we could all join. Lamentably most don’t have the answers, just questions. Most importantly many recognize that they don’t have the answers.
The International Sales Institute (TISI) is certain that we collectively have the answers and that we all have one or more small but critical piece, of this complex 7 billion “peace” puzzle. If only we could get all our “pieces of peace” together. In 1796 Edmund Burke indicated he had found one small but critical “piece” of this “peace” jigsaw puzzle.
Edmund Burke, in “Letters on a Regicide Peace”, 1796 said: “If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”
The International Sales Institute (TISI) hopes you enjoy discovering your “pieces” of the peace puzzle peaceably!