Courage, Ego Drive & Empathy

“Three of the most powerful tools in the sales professionals’ skill kit”.

There are certain attributes that sales professionals have that are “non trainable”.  As such these are attributes that are not negotiable and are inescapably part of the personality profile that drives us to succeed. 

The first is COURAGE. This is best defined as a persons tendency to increase their determination in the face of resistance, especially when this resistance in some way blocks them from achieving their goal. It is as though there is a governor on their personality and whenever they meet doubts, challenges or objections they become more emotionally analytically and verbally powerful in driving on to achieve their objectives.

The second is EGO DRIVE. This is reflected in a persons desire to be seen as significant. They have high levels of self esteem and they often need great amounts of recognition from other people. Certain symbols are very important to them.

The third is EMPATHY. There’s an old Sioux Indian saying “you do not know a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins”.  Empathy means that you can see the world as another sees it, feels it and experiences it.  It is the ability to feel at one with the person with whom you are interacting.  Empathy is the basis for both sensitivity and understanding.Their desire to be perceived as significant unique and different is almost insatiable.

We have a document which resides in our Sales Management & Business Development Library, and is usually available only to our Sales Management & Founding Fellow members. For this month we have made this document available to all levels of membership.  To see how you rate in the areas of Courage, Ego Drive & Empathy go to the Sales Skill Questionnaire document.  This document was designed to find out how much courage, ego drive, empathy and other areas of skill, a potential sales person has, for recruitment purposes.

So, now that you’ve established that you have extraordinary courage beyond the call of duty, amazing ego drive to not only perform to your best but be acknowledged for your capability, and that you possess the empathy to demonstrate your feelings passionately on how you feel about the people around you, it’s time to turn on your flashing red light, crank up the music and let the world know you are in town!