The Lazy Seller

“WANTED” Lazy Seller………..

So Lazy – they take advantage of every available sales aid to make their day easy.

So Lazy – they will copy the systems used by other successful sellers to save time and effort.

So Lazy – they carefully and meticulously plan their selling time to maximise their efforts.

So Lazy – they focus their selling time on those prospects and customers who need, and have the financial ability to purchase, their products.

So Lazy – they spend a large amount of their time, prospecting for realprospects, rather than talking to anyone and everyone.

So Lazy –they unfailingly confirm all appointments to avoid visiting a customer who is not in, or who has no real interest in keeping the appointment.

So Lazy –they keep detailed records about every prospect, customer, client and advocate to avoid taking these connections and relationships for granted.

So Lazy – they follow up every sales lead they receive with a sense of professional urgency.

So Lazy – the moment one call is completed, they are planning what strategy they will use at their next call.

So Lazy – they perfect their sales skills to make sure they always do their best.  They know that while amateurs practise till they get it right, true professionals practise so they never get it wrong.

So Lazy – they always check the customers interest by combining fact-finding and feeling-finding questions.

So Lazy – they use their ears during every call, twice as much as their mouth.  After all they have 2 ears and 1 mouth – use them in that proportion!

So Lazy – they build sustainable relationships with everyone they meet, from the very first time they meet, because they have studied and they follow The 12 Immutable Laws of Relationship Based Selling to maintain those valuable relationships.

So Lazy – that they truly believe that there is a better way to perform every call.

So Lazy – they study all available educational sales documents to avoid the chance of losing precious sales.

So Lazy – that they take some “downtime” to continue their sales education, despite the fact that they think they already know it all.

If you manage any business enterprise and you find one of these “lazy sellers”, hide them away because every other business manager is looking for one of these professional lazy sellers of their own.

If you would like to meet some of these lazy sellers, you would probably find them on The International Sales Institute’s site, or, reading through their copy of The Sales Career Information Book, or, working their way through their Sales Career Program.

Your current sales team could become lazy sellers by having them join as members. Read about what you get as a member.