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Global Stock Market Unpredictability & Intuitive Wisdom

Global Stock Market Unpredictability

and Intuitive Wisdom.

At present there is global stock market unpredictability. So what’s new?

There is much anxiety about what is happening or not happening in the global stock exchanges at present. Every change in market activity is assessed and re-assessed and the need to know the inexplicable is limitless by the economic pundit. Some even take risks and predict the unpredictable. Hindsight will however tell us that the only certainty is stock market uncertainty itself. However, economic gurus are still keen to predict the unpredictable and the only financial winners in this endless farce are the sellers of colourful graphs which display what went before, hindsight.

What is indisputably known is that all economic pundits have little if any knowledge about anything and in the end it is hindsight that becomes the source of all knowledge to the economic pundits. Unfortunately hindsight is a very infuriating source of useless wisdom as it continuously waits till its usefulness is valueless before raising its frustrating head.

 Some people even believe in using hindsight’s uselessness to forecast what they believe is going to happen in the future, only to find that hindsight has changed it’s mind once more and not told anyone! 

 Then there is clairvoyance. This is a contemporary form of “advanced hindsight” which seems only accessible to the fortunate few amongst us who are the “great believers”. Sometimes these people are also referred to as delusional by the logical and scared billions who have difficulty moving from hope and visualisation to that of unconditional belief.

What about the female clairvoyant who was granted a divorce on the grounds of her husband’s adultery, next week in Paris? No this is a joke; in actual fact those who knew the clairvoyant and her no-hoper and non-believing husband, always knew they had an insurmountable aversion to each other. All the hindsight about “opposites attracting”, was not going to help this tragic partnership. Those who knew them well had worked this out years before the now divorced couple worked it out. Even the clairvoyant wife to her astonishment had not worked this out. She was heard to mutter later: “In hindsight, I knew this marriage was doomed to fail, he is a miserable despondent moron.

 Well, now that I have got your attention, how can you move from hope and visualisation to unconditional belief?

 There is a simple response to this question: Don’t ask anyone how to do this. You already know what to do. If you need to ask someone how to do this, all the assistance in the world won’t help you. You are hardwired to limit your natural intuition to take you across the bridge from hope and visualisation to that abundant spring of limitless belief.

You knew that you were going to marry your partner, before they said yes. You also had a strong feeling that the horse you had just backed was unlikely to win the race. Sadly you overcame your clairvoyance and your “advanced hindsight” and still backed the horse.

You often already know when people will call you on the phone, just because you had been thinking of them. You however, put this down to luck or coincidence.

 Did you know, the engineering term “coincident angles” is used to describe a faultless fit?!

 So we all know how to access our intuition and “advanced hindsight”. Only you can decide to back these intuitive thoughts and feelings unconditionally.

Oh, and by the way: It is also absolutely ok if you are mistaken when you back your intuition, it may take some time to perfect your wisdom and insights.

The route to perfecting your “unconditional belief” is littered with mistakenness. It is all part of the training that usually puts off the non-believers who are more comfortable with and prefer hindsight.

 Always remember:

 Some people make things happen

 Others watch things happen

 Other people say “what the hell happened?”

 Regrettably, many others say: “I knew what was going to happen and did nothing about it”.

 So stop doing “nothing” about the things you

know about and start to back your intuitive

wisdom and belief, unconditionally.